Jesus & Heaven

Do I need a religion or a relationship?

Faith is more than a religion. It's a personal relationship between a person and God. God loves you, beyond what you can even comprehend... and whatever your pain, God's love is the cure.

Who is Jesus?

Jesus has loved you forever, exactly as you are.  He is the creator of this wonderful world, he is perfect and wonderful, and yet he knows your name, he cares about you, and he wants to have a relationship with you every moment of every day.

Why is Jesus important?

Jesus is the everlasting Son of God, his home is in heaven, yet he willingly left heaven and all its glorious beauty to come to earth to die - for one reason: because he loved YOU. He took your place and placed your sins on Himself to pay for them on the cross.

Why was Jesus' death on the cross important?

Because God is absolutely perfect, we needed someone to "bridge the gap" between us and our imperfections, and a perfect God.  Jesus died on the cross with all the imperfections of the world on his shoulders, and he became the bridge that created a new relationship between God and us.

Can I have a relationship with Jesus?

Yes.  It's so simple, yet it's so important.  Just take a deep breath, admit how imperfect you are, and tell Jesus "thank you" for dying to pay for you.  Tell him that you gratefully take him as your savior and your substitute.  Ask him to come into your life and be the most important thing to you.  Accept his gift of new life... eternal life that will start here and will finish with him in heaven.

If you just invited Jesus into your life, click here and let us know! We will celebrate with you and pray for you

Who is Parkway?

We want to be your spiritual family who loves, accepts and celebrates with you.  Our mission is not just to love one another, but to make sure we spread the love of Jesus everywhere, especially to those less fortunate.  We want to help you find Jesus and a life of abundance.

We care deeply about those less fortunate.  It's a huge part of our mission.  Parkway is a church family where you are wanted, accepted, and not overlooked.